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Poor Puppy

Posted by David McKell On July - 28 - 2010

Well my dog Phantom managed to somehow cut his foot last night. He cut a chuck of the padding between his toes on his left foot. This left plenty of mess when he tried to walk inside and where he was waiting outside.

Here he is looking very sad with his new plastic bag shoe taped to his leg to stop him licking the wound stop the blood going all over the floor. But as you can see i didnt do a very good job of bandaging and him following me everywhere didnt help.

After another wash, rebandage and new shoes he was ready for bed. He slept on the floor next to me and didnt lick or try bite through the bags which was nice. We got up in the morning and the wound had stopped bleeding. As always he was very excited for a car ride, even to the vet. He got to meet lots of new friends at the vet however got too excited and broke open the wound again so we bled all over the vet floor. Anyway after about 1 1/2 hours waiting he got tranquilized. I had to walk him around for abit, was funny watching him start losing his balance then eventually not being able to walk. As expected he was also sick due to the tranq. After a little more waiting we were brought back in for drugs and to get stitched up. All done, had to carry him back out to the car, put him in the back of the van. Once we got home i noticed he got up and tried walking around. I carried him inside and put him on the chair where he was quite comfortable and stayed there till he slept off the effects.

Snow Drive

Posted by David McKell On July - 15 - 2010

It was Wednesday, it had been raining all day and was very cold. Normally you would stay indoors in the warth…not us. This was another opportunity to head up into the mountains to have a play in the snow. Again we headed to our ussual meeting spot before heading off into the dark cold Brindies. The mavericks thermostat is a little (read alot) on the cold side and therefore the engine has trouble warming up and defrosting the front window fully, so this was just another obstacle that needed overcoming. Once we were on the dirt track up to Mt Ginini the snow presented itself quickly and provided alot of fun in 2WD.

Heres the photos i took:

And heres the shots Graeme took:

God Damn Trees

Posted by David McKell On July - 11 - 2010

Well Saturday brought about another cold day to go 4wding. We all made our way to the ussual meeting spot in Weston where we departed for the Brindies. Once in the Brindies we found some trails and went a muck in the mud. Most of the tracks were very slippery which was good fun. All in all a great day, many times people got stuck or slip off the track or needing to snatched up the side of a hill myself included. Not as many photos this time as was too busy having fun.

These pictures are courtesy of Graeme and his leet photography skills.

And these Photos are of me finding a tree on the other side of an obsticle. You can see the video HERE

Crazy Wedged Wheel – 0 PSI!

Posted by David McKell On July - 11 - 2010