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Easter 2011 – Wollongong

Posted by David McKell On April - 28 - 2011

Day 4 and 5 saw us travelling upto Windang just shy of Wollongong. What a beautiful cruisy drive that was. The scenery was great, the roads were relatively quiet and it was a fairly quick drive at about 2hours 45minutes. The caravan park we stayed at was between Lake Illawarra and the ocean which again was nice. Also being so close to Wollongong we didnt have any trouble shopping or getting food etc. In fact anything we needed was within walking distance. Unfortunately for us we were allocated a site which was stuck between several families with feral kids. Although they wernt too troublesome it would have been nice not to have woken up to swearing and kids running around making a racket.


Easter 2011 – Bermagui

Posted by David McKell On April - 28 - 2011

5 day long weekend this year, what a waste to stay at home. We decided to break the weekend up into parts. First the friday and saturday somewhere and come back for dinner Saturday night, Sunday lunch and Dinner then back off again for Monday/Tuesday. We didnt know where we were going until the morning of each day which was half the fun of it I guess.


We left Canberra at about 1030am Friday morning down the Monaro Hwy to Cooma, Bega then onto Bermagui. The roads were fairly busy to Cooma with lots of other holiday traffic, but from Bega right though to Bermagui it was a nice clear run. The GPS led us from Bega along a dirt road to Bermagui for a good 20KMs which funnily enough was nice. Was a quiet peaceful road with only 2 other cars that went past us.



Once back on the tar it was a great relaxing drive to Bermagui and the campsite. The caravan park was really nice located between Lake Wallaga and the ocean. There were plenty of free camp sites availiable access to the amenities. However getting the car to the camp site proved troublesome being as low as it is it would scrape on almost everything.



Saturday morning after checking out we decided to drive home back up the coast. We drove past Tilba which had what seemed like some festival going on. We decided to drive in only to be directed by the local girl scouts to some grassed parking however again the car was too low and there was more unpleasant scrapping. We didnt end up going into the festival but it was a nice area.



From Tilba we kept heading up the coast to Narooma where we had a morning tea and swim.



After that headed to a friends place in Sunshine Bay for a quick break before a drive back through Batemans Bay, the Clyde Mountain and home. Was a great few days away.


Posted by David McKell On April - 19 - 2011

Ok so after about a year of planning and organising my USA and Canada trip is 100% paid for and booked. The itinerary is finalised and there is no turning back now! It hasn’t really set in actually how close this trip is, looking at the dates I leave in about 1 month 1 week. The stress and nervousness probably won’t kick in for another 3 weeks id say. I think iam ontract with organising what I need to prepare, pack, organise but as always iam sure there will be a massive last minute rush.

Anyway here is the Itinerary:

Site Hosting

Posted by David McKell On April - 18 - 2011

You may notice that the site first loads fairly slowly or when you click a link. This is because i have recently moved hosting to company called GoDaddy in the USA. I did not expect it to be quite this slow but i suspect i will not change again until after my North America holiday as it may actually be benificial for my uploading and editing whilst travelling. So bare with it for the meantime.