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Our Great Plan Got Stuck

Posted by David McKell On June - 5 - 2010

Another weekend, another chance for some 4wding. Great, lets go. Its a 7am, fark thaaat. But anyway somehow my body was able to get up on time to prepare the truck for the trip down south of Canberra to our meeting spot.

Miraculously i was on time – early in fact as iam ussually the late one. This time we were waiting on another. Once they arrived the 3 trucks (Pajero, Rodeo and my Maverick) headed through the windy roads on the way to the Brindabella National Park. It was very cold and still pretty foggy/misty in the valleys. This would be about 730AM.

We dont even make it into the Brindies as we pull off to the side of the road just before the borderline to the Brindies to have a play in the water. Graeme then sees what looks like an awesome track of dirt and ruts and we all pursue as it looked like a lot of fun. It wasnt long before Graeme (Pajero) stops moving and then Jim (Rodeo) stops soon after. It becomes clear that Graeme is stuck and will be in need of a snatch back. So i make my way around the Rodeo to what looked to be some hard ground with the idea that the Rodeo will need where i was stopped as his run when snatching Graeme. However not long after making my turn the front left tyre sinks right down into a rut filled with water and iam not moving anywhere even with front lockers. I hop out to have a look at the situation to find we were in what appeared to be a swamp and that not only me and Graeme were stuck but the Rodeo was as well. 3 trucks all stuck.

But whats this, further up the track another 4WD! Have a look at the pics to see its troubles. Apparently it had been there for a week and the park ranger attempted to get it but got bogged, called in a tractor which also got bogged and called in another larger tractor which only managed to get the ranger and other tractor out.

Jim in the Rodeo tried to pull Graeme out with his winch however this was unsucssesful and in turn used Graemes Pajero as a winching point to pull himself out of the rut. After a few attempts at freeing himself from the track he eventually made it up to safety at the start of the track. Once he had made it to safety he was reluctant to come back down to snatch either of us out, instead opting for the winch and winch extention strap to try pull the Maverick out. This would have been nice however the winch was not powerful enough esspecially at such a long distance and incorrect angle, and in turn every attempt of recovering the maverick made it sink more and more into the mud.

It would have been getting on 12PM when Jim decided to give snatching me out a go. After about 5 or 6 attempts and numerous attempts to dig the earth out from under the car it was eveident that the Rodeo was not the vehicle for the job.

We needed the big guns, so we called in our ever faithful half American, half Australian and half crazy Nikky boy and his 80 Series cruiser. As Nik was coming the boys in the Rodeo were making tracks as they had places to be.  When Nik came he had the task of trying to recover my vehicle.

However it as close it was getting to coming out, it was just dug too deep in their. It was planned up to pull Maverick from the front as it wasnt as sharp a rise and the diffs didnt have to dig through dirt to get out. However on Niks travels to get around my car he encountered a slight set back. This set back meant he was unable to move his car. So we went back to having 3 trucks stuck in the mud.

We were pretty worried as we were going no where fast and the day looked like it was ending, Graeme made the call to get some plastic tracks brought over. However before they arrived Nik and his brilliant ideas managed to get him unstuck by using the high lift jacks to move the back of the car across enough onto solid ground again and be able to get moving. With Nik moving he was able to park up the front of the Maverick, hook up the snatch strap and in 3 heavy snatch’s the Maverick was free!

Next it was my turn to snatch Graeme out of his comfy hole. It was easy getting to him and giving him 1 pull which got him a little but further and enough to move on his own, however where i had landed had put me in another rut. Nik and Graeme again working their magic got me out the rut and moving again. At this point Graeme attempted to free himself however unfortunately ended back up in the same hole. Bummer. Back goes the little Maverick for another attempt. However before getting to snatching distance the poor maverick became stuck in the never ending supply of ruts. After a few minutes it was freed again and decided to retire to safer ground to have our proven recovery vehicle perform the rest.

However Nik fell into the same problem i had with recovery the Pajero is that the lead up had too many ruts and even tough man Nik got stuck. Back comes the Maverick to lend a hand recovering the Landcruiser.

Once he was out a more angled approach was decided for the Pajero.


After another few times of getting stuck and using the plastic tracks to get out the Pajero and all other vehicles headed to the safe hard solid ground up the top of the track. Once up there we all pumped our tyres back up to pressure and fuelled ourselves with snacks thanks to Cassie. It was 230 by the time we were set and after a long everntful (or maybe lack of different events) we set off on the journy back home.

Special thanks to Nik for coming out to rescue us with his ‘AWESOME’ landcruiser. Thanks buddy. Also Graeme, Jim, Tim and Cassie great day i think even though we didnt make it anywhere near the destination!

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  1. Kerry Said,

    Glad you are having fun.

    Posted on June 12th, 2010 at 12:28 am

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