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Life lesson learnt number 1

Posted by David McKell On June - 2 - 2011

“This is pretty much a place holder post for today where I went to 6 flags magic mountain. Good story that. Will update soon with photos.”

OK so the awesome post i typed out is no longer here…so gay. Anyway in brief as it is not 1240AM and i need to be up at 630 at latest. The story went something like this: Do not go out to Hollywood (yea baby!!) and get a few spirits in ya (spirits being about 3/4 mix of spirits to the mix) then goto Americas biggest roller coaster theme parks. Worst idea ever.! I mean iI mean i got home at like 330am and had to be up at 740am, which i was, and i made it to the park on time. But being still half cut at the park i went on the first roller coaster i saw…”The Viper”…omg what a shit ride…i mean it started off nice and cruisey jus gradually going up this pretty high slope. I was like “This is cool, some nice views and relaxing cruis i can deal with theis”…then BAM sudden vertical drop into 3 massive loops! Then more twists and turns and more loops. Holy shit worst experience ever! I got off all jelly legged and dry mouthed looking for somewhere to spew. I found a nice quiet bench were i sat the next 30mins or so out just recoverying feeling sorry for myself. Then went back to the park doing most of the rides, which all sucked cos the are farking scary as all fuck. Hated them all except the water rides, they were cooll. Anyway heres the pics:


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  1. burnsy Said,

    Booooooo, place holders suuuuuck

    Posted on June 2nd, 2011 at 3:47 pm

  2. Grazer Said,


    Posted on June 3rd, 2011 at 11:51 am

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