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Posted by David McKell On June - 18 - 2011

Hey everyone. Just checking in as I haven’t had much time or good Internet to update much. So yea been absolutely flat out doing activities and traveling. My last post was about the grand canyon Nevada and Iam currently in Orlando Florida. So almost on the other side of America.


So I guess i will just give a quick rundown of what I have been doing.


Monument valley – just a big desert with impressive looking rock formations. It was awesome to see it and had no idea about it. It was really dusty and windy though and this caused fine dust particles to go inside my camera. It wouldn’t close properly for a few days but seems alright now but I can some rattle in it.


White (well brown) water rafting in Durango – first photo stop with the group with the rocky mountains as back drop. But also went rafting which was my first time. It was awesome! Iam finding a love for more extreme activities and I found this to be fairly tame. But awesome none the less.


Texas – not sure what to say about Texas. It was awesome but we didnt do much the first night, then we went to Dallas. Which was pretty awesome. We were there for 2 nights. The first night we had dinner in a local pub which was also the night of the 5th finals game of the NBA between Miami heat and Dallas mavericks. So the atmosphere was pretty crazy. Dallas actually won that game and everyone from all the clubs just went outside and started dancing in the street. Was an unreal experience!


Memphis – 2 nights here. Was ok I guess. Went to graceland and went through Elvis’s mansion. They have a pretty sweet night culture as well on 1 street (beal??). So went out the first night. Nothing like it back home.


New Orleans – what a crazy town. We stayed just in the French quarter but this is the main area and also where they hold mardi GRAS. We went out both nights which was Monday Tuesday, they were both pumping. People everywhere in the main street (bourbon) and live music in all the clubs/pubs. They have a few specialty drinks like the hurricane obviously after there history and the hand grenade. Both very potent and very cheap drinks. I did the optional diner boat cruise where we were on an old refurbished paddle boat that cruised up the missippi river and also an airboat ride. That was cool, airboat being one of the boats with a big fan on the back instead of a propeller. Went out and saw a hole bunch of alligators and held a baby one.


Orlando – currently here. Arrived yesterday and had a quiet night with a party down by our hotel pool. Also an amusement park next door so went on something called a slingshot that shoots you 300 feet in the air and spin around and stuff. Was pretty awesome. Then today spent all day sweating my ass off in the heat walking around universal studios. What an amazing day. The rides were so cool. Words cannot describe some of the rides. Incredible is really all I can think of.


So that’s about it. There were other places we stopped I didnt mention. Just small towns really that not much went on. Tomorrow we go to Miami and south beach, also doing a jet boat ride. Their for 2 nights the cocoa beach for 1. Really looking forward to that. Anyway must be off to collect washing and BBQ diner. Love u all and thanks for reading. No photos as I haven’t had time to prepare anything on my laptop.

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