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Posted by David McKell On April - 19 - 2011

Ok so after about a year of planning and organising my USA and Canada trip is 100% paid for and booked. The itinerary is finalised and there is no turning back now! It hasn’t really set in actually how close this trip is, looking at the dates I leave in about 1 month 1 week. The stress and nervousness probably won’t kick in for another 3 weeks id say. I think iam ontract with organising what I need to prepare, pack, organise but as always iam sure there will be a massive last minute rush.

Anyway here is the Itinerary:

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  1. Grazer Said,

    Kudos – Look forward to the live 1080p video feed you promised – where can that be found on your website? Also, it’s missing a version number.

    Posted on April 19th, 2011 at 8:29 pm

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