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Laguna Seca Raceway

Posted by David McKell On July - 28 - 2011

I know some of you wanted me to put my car around the track, and i would have loved too, however it is not Bathurst and thus i could only view it from the sideline. They were actually packing up from a few days of moto raacing and they had pretty much everything open to allow them to pack up. So i could pretty much go anywhere, so yes there is photos of m me gong places i shouldnt be. Oh well, and i so could have gone on the track to as you can see in some photos. Decided against it, not sure why. I think because there were cranes and stuff on the track i thought best not to. Anyway here are the picturess. Again i could not be bothered sorting the blurring ones or ones pointing at nothing, so you can do that 🙂


Also most of them should be GPS marked if your interested.


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