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Posted by David McKell On June - 12 - 2010

Well the time came to upgrade my storage management. I was fast running out of space and have plans for numerous virtual machines and wanted a long term solution for safe, fast and manageable storage. After abit of research and buying one for a customer i decided on the 8 port PCI-E card 5805 from Adaptec.

Also we found that the RAID controller would run very hot in the customers PC that we ordered an PCI fan to keep it cool. Even though my case is larger and better designed for airflow i thought we would stay on the safe side and purcahse a similar fan. Ended up buying the Antec Cyclone Power duel PCI sytem fan and a molex to 3 pin adapter to power it off the last motherboard system fan pin.

We started with this:

I then moved onto removing the SATA cables, Installing the RAID card into the first PCI-E slot and connecting the new 4 into 1 Adaptec SATA cables.

Not much left other then installing the Antec PCI fan.

The new RAID card and PCI fan blend in nicely with the original PCI expantion vents.

That was the hardware side complete. Nice and easy install and all that was left was creating the array. Now i created the array using the Adaptec RAID manager while booting the PC, however it can also be created using the Adaptec storage manager within Windows. This was a painless procedure and i opted for a RAID 50 configuration with write caching disabled (until i purchase a battery for it). This configuration is essentially 2 raid 5’s inside a raid 0 giving 8TB of storage and single disk redundancy in each array. In the event of failure i will be notified by an audible alarm as well as email notification. In this case i would use the Adaptec Storage Manager software to find the faulting disk and replace it.

So far quiet happy with the purchase and look forward to transferring the 6TB of data to the volume.