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LA Day 2 Tour

Posted by David McKell On May - 31 - 2011

Well, Just got back from a tour around LA. I thought it was meant to go for 7 hours but am disappointed to find it only  went for 5 1/2. Anyway I was picked up about  8am from my hotel. The bus picked  up other people on the way back its base near LAX. From here we signed in and  got on the correct bus for the tour. There was about 8 buses leaving at that time. The tour guide was really good with lots of useful/useless facts that i do not remember.


First stop was at Venice beach. It disappointingly only was for 20minutes. There was lots to see and do but had to rush everywhere. Took some photos of the beach and what not, then went to the “muscle beach’ side. Lots of really fit guys and girls there. There was some kind of sponsored competition comp on so lots of merchandise and flyers and other useless shit. Did get me a free vitamin water though. The girl handing it to me must have thought i needed it cos iam so massive. Anyway heading back to the bus i was like 2minutes late, the tour guide likes to play with the last person on the bus. The old drive forward and reverse game. As i have played this game many times before i know the only winner is the driver so i let him have his fun.


Then after this point is kind of a blur. Iam still yet to look through my photos and see the geotagging to see where i went. But I remember going to Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Chinatown, little Mexico and Walt Disney Concert Hall.


It was a great tour i think and worth the money spent considering it included pick up/drop off at my hotel. But lunch was too early and the tour was shorter then expected.


Heres the photos. Just remember most were taken from a moving bus and i havent really gone through and done any post shoot editing or selecting.