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Iam in Miami Bitch!

Posted by David McKell On June - 22 - 2011

Well i was in Miami! Iam currently in St Augustine with pretty good wifi so i thought i would upload some pictures of Miami I took. Miami was awesome, mainly because we were there for 2 nights and we could just chill out. WE are ussually so busy and always on our feet it was fantastic just to rest up.We went for a swim in south beach, and the water is crystal  clear and the temperature is perfect! Also our hotel was on the beach so just walked straight out from our hotel bar to the beach. So nice.


Anyway here is some pics of the boat ride we went on, which was okay. I kinda had higher expecations but anyway. Also a few pics of south beach.



Swamp Tour Photo Map

Posted by David McKell On June - 20 - 2011

This is a photo map of the swamp tour we did on the air boats in Orlando. Click HERE for fullscreen.



Still alive

Posted by David McKell On June - 18 - 2011

Hey everyone. Just checking in as I haven’t had much time or good Internet to update much. So yea been absolutely flat out doing activities and traveling. My last post was about the grand canyon Nevada and Iam currently in Orlando Florida. So almost on the other side of America.


So I guess i will just give a quick rundown of what I have been doing.


Monument valley – just a big desert with impressive looking rock formations. It was awesome to see it and had no idea about it. It was really dusty and windy though and this caused fine dust particles to go inside my camera. It wouldn’t close properly for a few days but seems alright now but I can some rattle in it.


White (well brown) water rafting in Durango – first photo stop with the group with the rocky mountains as back drop. But also went rafting which was my first time. It was awesome! Iam finding a love for more extreme activities and I found this to be fairly tame. But awesome none the less.


Texas – not sure what to say about Texas. It was awesome but we didnt do much the first night, then we went to Dallas. Which was pretty awesome. We were there for 2 nights. The first night we had dinner in a local pub which was also the night of the 5th finals game of the NBA between Miami heat and Dallas mavericks. So the atmosphere was pretty crazy. Dallas actually won that game and everyone from all the clubs just went outside and started dancing in the street. Was an unreal experience!


Memphis – 2 nights here. Was ok I guess. Went to graceland and went through Elvis’s mansion. They have a pretty sweet night culture as well on 1 street (beal??). So went out the first night. Nothing like it back home.


New Orleans – what a crazy town. We stayed just in the French quarter but this is the main area and also where they hold mardi GRAS. We went out both nights which was Monday Tuesday, they were both pumping. People everywhere in the main street (bourbon) and live music in all the clubs/pubs. They have a few specialty drinks like the hurricane obviously after there history and the hand grenade. Both very potent and very cheap drinks. I did the optional diner boat cruise where we were on an old refurbished paddle boat that cruised up the missippi river and also an airboat ride. That was cool, airboat being one of the boats with a big fan on the back instead of a propeller. Went out and saw a hole bunch of alligators and held a baby one.


Orlando – currently here. Arrived yesterday and had a quiet night with a party down by our hotel pool. Also an amusement park next door so went on something called a slingshot that shoots you 300 feet in the air and spin around and stuff. Was pretty awesome. Then today spent all day sweating my ass off in the heat walking around universal studios. What an amazing day. The rides were so cool. Words cannot describe some of the rides. Incredible is really all I can think of.


So that’s about it. There were other places we stopped I didnt mention. Just small towns really that not much went on. Tomorrow we go to Miami and south beach, also doing a jet boat ride. Their for 2 nights the cocoa beach for 1. Really looking forward to that. Anyway must be off to collect washing and BBQ diner. Love u all and thanks for reading. No photos as I haven’t had time to prepare anything on my laptop.

Grand Canyon Heli Flight

Posted by David McKell On June - 12 - 2011

Grand Canyon Photo Map

Posted by David McKell On June - 6 - 2011

Here are the photos from the helicopter ride and hike into the Grand Canyon today. Click HERE for full screen version.



Life lesson learnt number 2 – oh fuck!

Posted by David McKell On June - 5 - 2011
Ok ok. So here iam sitting at the airport. Now you might be asking why iam at an airport because iam traveling by bus everywhere. Well good question! Ok so I might have missed the bus. Maybe. Yea I did. We may have had a big night at a club last night. Which was awesome. But if memory serves me correctly, which isn’t the best right now….I got back to casino/hotel at 430-5am. And the bus left at 845. I had all my alarms set and everything. But I woke up at 1030. So yea kinda was/am shitting myself. Quickly had a shower and went downstairs. I thought the quickest way to grand canyon was by plane. Turns out no one really flys there. Hmmmm. Anyway lovely lady at the information desk at Los Vegas airport was able to point me to another airport which do like charter flights. So got a taxi from airport 1 to airport 2. Some 30 minutes of spirited driving by rob the awesome taxi man. Iam now sitting in some small airport waiting for my flight. It’s a small plane and going to be rough. I have not had food or much water so I will probably struggle. So yea iam sure i will cop a it when i meet up With the group again. Its good though, it doesnt matter what i do whether i am missing the bus or with everyone iam doing what i want. The trip out here was nice, beautiful scenery and good people.  Anyway I love it over here but iam missing home. Oh ice-cream. Cya.
Ok I wrote that post as i was at the North Las Vegas Airport as i was waiting for the plane. The plane was 30mins late and i was really hungry as i had had no food. But anyway i got on the plane and the flight was amazing! It was about 40minutes to the GRand Canyon and flew over Hoover Dam (which contiki didnt even stop for) and the grand canyon. Absolutely amazing views! So glad i missed that bus as i had an awesome experience and when i made it back had a great story to tell everyone. So i landed at Grand Canyon airport (which has wifi FYI) and was expecting maybe some taxis or publoic transport…but nope. None of that. Just the tour bus for the people on the plane i was with. So i just talked to him about my situation and being thea awesome guy he was agreed to drop me at the resort. He was really friendly and i got half a tour out of him as well. I gave  him a pretty good tip for his efforts.
Anyway here are the pictures (note probably half of them are blurry, i just dont have time to check them):</p>

Life lesson learnt number 1

Posted by David McKell On June - 2 - 2011

“This is pretty much a place holder post for today where I went to 6 flags magic mountain. Good story that. Will update soon with photos.”

OK so the awesome post i typed out is no longer here…so gay. Anyway in brief as it is not 1240AM and i need to be up at 630 at latest. The story went something like this: Do not go out to Hollywood (yea baby!!) and get a few spirits in ya (spirits being about 3/4 mix of spirits to the mix) then goto Americas biggest roller coaster theme parks. Worst idea ever.! I mean iI mean i got home at like 330am and had to be up at 740am, which i was, and i made it to the park on time. But being still half cut at the park i went on the first roller coaster i saw…”The Viper”…omg what a shit ride…i mean it started off nice and cruisey jus gradually going up this pretty high slope. I was like “This is cool, some nice views and relaxing cruis i can deal with theis”…then BAM sudden vertical drop into 3 massive loops! Then more twists and turns and more loops. Holy shit worst experience ever! I got off all jelly legged and dry mouthed looking for somewhere to spew. I found a nice quiet bench were i sat the next 30mins or so out just recoverying feeling sorry for myself. Then went back to the park doing most of the rides, which all sucked cos the are farking scary as all fuck. Hated them all except the water rides, they were cooll. Anyway heres the pics: