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Laguna Seca Raceway

Posted by David McKell On July - 28 - 2011

I know some of you wanted me to put my car around the track, and i would have loved too, however it is not Bathurst and thus i could only view it from the sideline. They were actually packing up from a few days of moto raacing and they had pretty much everything open to allow them to pack up. So i could pretty much go anywhere, so yes there is photos of m me gong places i shouldnt be. Oh well, and i so could have gone on the track to as you can see in some photos. Decided against it, not sure why. I think because there were cranes and stuff on the track i thought best not to. Anyway here are the picturess. Again i could not be bothered sorting the blurring ones or ones pointing at nothing, so you can do that 🙂


Also most of them should be GPS marked if your interested.


End of Holiday

Posted by David McKell On July - 25 - 2011

Well tonight is my 2nd last night of my 2month trip around the USA and Canada. What an amazing trip it has been! Seen so many places, done so many things and met so many great people. Part of me wants to stay longer and goto places i missed like Yosemite National Park and San Dieago and go back to Vegas, but the other half of me is telling me i need a break and have a holiday from my holiday. So i will continue as planned and finish up my holiday and come back at another stage in life.


Iam currently in beautiful Monterey Bay. Havent really planned anything to do so just chillaxing.


Anyway here are some photos of my trip since Miami. When i get home i will put the rest up and try and remember some stories that go with them. Anyway peace out and see you all soon enough.



Posted by David McKell On July - 9 - 2011

Ok so the whole trip I have been looking for nice things to bring back as gifts. Except I have not found anything I would class ad nice. There is so much tacky crap I could get, but I hate receiving that crap as it’s useless and just gets thrown out. So anyone who wants a gift you need to let ms know what you want ASAP cos otherwise you will get nothing! This goes for everyone. I fly to Vancouver tomorrow to do the west coast of Canada then San Fran. So not long to go now. I’d rather get no gifts then carrying around tacky shit you don’t care about. Peace out.

Niagra falls

Posted by David McKell On July - 9 - 2011

Just a quick on the spot post. Currently at niagra falls Canada. Pretty cool place, lots of water going over a ledge pretty much. Anyway here is a retarded photo of me on the maid in the mist boat. I look cranky in all my photos today so don’t let that bother you. Anyway pub crawl tonight then 4am departure for airport to vancouver yay.




No Internet

Posted by David McKell On July - 1 - 2011

I am alive, we just have no Internet in the hotel here. So 2 more nights and the Internet at Washington wasn’t great either hence why I haven’t had any new posts. Also cos I have been so freaking busy? But that’s a story for another post as I don’t remember what my last post included. Actually I guess I can say that I saw chris rock, the stars of the new transformers movie when it premiered last night, felt up the wall street bulls balls visited heaps in Washington as well. Anyway iam off to the gym, have a sleep, watch a broadway musical then hit the town. Love and miss u all.