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End of Holiday

Posted by David McKell On July - 25 - 2011

Well tonight is my 2nd last night of my 2month trip around the USA and Canada. What an amazing trip it has been! Seen so many places, done so many things and met so many great people. Part of me wants to stay longer and goto places i missed like Yosemite National Park and San Dieago and go back to Vegas, but the other half of me is telling me i need a break and have a holiday from my holiday. So i will continue as planned and finish up my holiday and come back at another stage in life.


Iam currently in beautiful Monterey Bay. Havent really planned anything to do so just chillaxing.


Anyway here are some photos of my trip since Miami. When i get home i will put the rest up and try and remember some stories that go with them. Anyway peace out and see you all soon enough.


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