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Germany – Paris to Berlin

Posted by David McKell On May - 26 - 2015


Trained to airport, pickup car from Budget no problem, as we were driving out there was a taxi that crashed into a bus and was all up in a fuss. Drove to Metz for the sake of taking a photo of the town sign for Michael’s girlfriend Hayley. Followed the GPS to where we were staying, and it decided to take us across on a car ferry across the river to the town. Setup at the hotel, walked around the town and had a nice German dinner. Then we walked back to the hotel to which Brioney had finally decided she wanted ice cream, so walked the whole town trying to find ice cream, except all but 1 place was closed by now. We would have had quite the situation if there was no ice cream.



No sleep that night due to the room being on the main road, it was quite warm so we had the windows open for fresh air but in turn let in all the street noise, the drunks walking past, the cars/bikes, and gardeners with petrol wiper snippers/blowers at 630am. We had a buffet breakfast at the hotel then checked out and drove up the mountain for a lovely walk to the German war monument and around the area, we had pretty good weather except a spot of rain on the walk back. Drove to Assmannhausen for lunch and organise accommodation for the night. Its a great drive along rhine, castles everywhere and a beautiful view everywhere you look. We got another car ferry over the river, to eventually meet up with the autobahns.  Driving in Germany was great, Australia really should learn from them with road etiquette and the use of autobahns. Also very beautiful country views, much better than the trees up the Hume Hwy. We the drove past the Nurburgring to organize the track car, drive to accommodation and waited for hours for them to turn up (air BnB downside). It was a good size apartment with kitchen, dining, living areas, went shopping and made dinner, then spent the night watching Nurburgring crashes to really get us in the mood.



Sleep in, washing day, computer work day, made burgers for lunch, car parking fine, NURBURGRING!!! – There’s another post for this.



Drove to Bonn to return the car. Caught the train to Berlin, got comfy in the hotel then walked to main street to find some dinner ( and the Lego store – except they were closed)



Took the metro to where the TV tower is, this is the meeting spot for a bike tour we had organized. It really was a great tour and really gave us a good feel for the city with plenty of information both just generally and regarding WW2 and how it effected Berlin before, during and after the war (the wall). Unfortunately after this we were both feeling abit unwell (likely dehydration) so headed to hotel, had a nap, and had Indian for dinner.



Sleep in day, went to check point Charlie, remnants of the Berlin wall, topography of terror museum, Potsdamer place – big shopping mall, then to main street for lego store (we don’t have 1 in Canberra so very exciting, may have ordered another set for myself ).



Went to markets in Northen Berlin, they were like a trash n treasure type market but much bigger. Went back and played chess at café, then had amazing burgers for dinner.



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