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Posted by David McKell On May - 31 - 2015


Uneventful drive to Munich, except getting lost following road works detour signs. First thing we did was goto Hertz at the airport to explain the situation with the car (so uncomfortable and chews fuel) and they were understanding and helpful. They gave us the options with prices and allowed us to have a look at the cars etc. We decided to get a Ford C max over the Nissan pulsar we were offered.

Arrived at our hotel, which is one of those places that charge for absolutely everything. Like $9AUD an hour Internet, 3.5€ each undie/pair of socks to be washed etc. obviously we went without. Though we did get a room change for free – from 2 joined single beds to a king. The hotel was nice otherwise I think, sauna, stem room, gym, nice interior and biggish room. The down side is that it’s on a street which is very similar to Flemington road in Canberra. It’s residential/semi industrial with not much shops/food places nearby and far out from the center. So dinner was hard to come by so we decided to drive into Munich to check it out and have something to eat. However driving into the city centre at dusk packed full of people after a full day of driving was getting abit stressful. Impossible to find a park, gps leading us funny places ect. We had enough and we’re heading for the hotel, when we made a few random wrong turns saw a sign for a beer garden and a car park around the corner. So had a nice meal in a beer garden. 



Slept in then went to Dacoa concentration camp. We decided to go on the 2.5hour tour (3€ each), and it was the best value tour we have had. It really gave us so much information and a really in depth understanding of what went on in these camps. We miss out on this information at school and the documentarys/movies only cover a small part. Its hard to describe it, kinda one of those things you need to do yourself to fully understanding what went on and how it was done. To see the gas chambers and crematoriums etc.

After this we went back to hotel, had cereal for dinner and went to the gym/sauna/steam room. 



Woke up at 7am (wowie) and got the “U” Bahn into Munich center. We had organised a 930am third reich bike tour. The tour guide was actually someone Brioney knew from the Central Coast. The tour was really good and informative while visiting the main sites of Munich,  and included a stop at a beer garden in the center of their tiergarten (“animal garden” – park), it is definitely a tourist trap rather than a typical German experience but was enjoyable. Brioney nearly took out a few pedestrians though. There was also a man made surf spot in the garden. 

After the bike ride we were both pretty tired, so we had a walk around Munich before heading back for a nap. Then went out to for an overdue laundry visit and dinner. 

Munich is much like Berlin. We enjoyed Berlin and really enjoyed Munich as well. The people are friendly and majority speak English. Really recommend the bike tours in these cities. Volvic water is our life saver, tap water is pretty yucky and Volvic was our choice from the UK. Prague didn’t have volvic (and all their bottled water tasted like the putred tap water) so we were SO excited to finally get our precious back. We bought 18 bottles but really should have got more.



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