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Posted by David McKell On May - 31 - 2015


Got bus from hotel to airport to pick up car. Busses were delayed seemingly forever. When we got to the airport and the Hertz counter our day kept getting worse. I have to say that Hertz rental in Berlin were a bloody nightmare and completly useless and rude. Considering we had pre booked the car weeks in advance you think that they could organise something for you (or the 3-4 other people with the same situation), except when we told them we had a booking for a car the douchebag without as much as a greeting says “yes I have a 9 seater bus for you” and offers the keys. It was a take it or leave it ‘heres a bus or wait an unknown amount of time and get the next unknown car to magically arrive’. We of course left it as we wanted a small car for parking and driving in Italy. We tried the Avis/Budget desk but the best they could do was more than double the price we had organised with Hertz. We went back and the douche offered us a Ford Focus which we agreed. But while he was taking his time with the paper work his collegue gave the car to someone else…we eventually got an Opel/Holden Corsa (which was a heap of junk – more about that later).

Drove to Dresden and stopped for maybe 30-45minutes for a walk and icecream. Then drove to Prague. Parked the car, unloaded bags and had dinner/walk. 



Hotel buffet breakfast was included in the price. All the food must have been bought from the paper machet factory. 

Organised a walking tour of Prague the hotel recommended. Except it was pretty shit. We were picked up from the hotel, dropped at meeting spot and had a guide who looked like she was around when Prague was first created, which you think would be good with the wealth of information she could have. But instead we couldn’t hear her very well due to her small voice and thick accent and broken English. The information we could work out was things like “this is an aristocrats house” or “professor xavior of the 17th century lived here” which would be great if we knew who professor Xavior was or why he was important (also professor Xavior I made up to make this dull story sound slightly better). It was also very rushed and felt like a cheap nasty tour. We were lucky to have other good people on the tour otherwise it would have felt completely wasteful. The tour also included a 30minute boat ride and a set menu lunch. Normally we wouldn’t complain about such things as we did get a lay0ut of the land (which we could have done for free) but it was so expensive at 50euro each ($75 AUD) to which the boat was about 10euro and the food 5euro tops (food was very cheap in Prague) and we have had some AMAZING tours in other cities for less than half that price. Had vegetarian thai food for dinner which Brioney didn’t like. Then walked around town and climbed the astronomical clock. 



Went to get the car and had an altercation with the operators trying to rip us off. Thieves they were. Then went to hertz at the airport to try to exchange the car. Absolutely hopeless and extremely rude service. Did not get anywhere with them even with some yelling. Parked the car in a different garage and organized the price before entering. Walked back to most of the places we visited on the tour but with time to enjoy them. Saw a white peacock. Decided to walk up a hill to a white building we saw, except went slightly in the wrong direction and ended up climbing the observation lookout. This was a really great view over Prague. We had a really nice afternoon and felt good with all the walking we had done. Had subway salad for dinner and went to bed. 



Brioney sorted out refund on tour. I got the car from the carpark – hassle as the guy we organized the price with was not there and the other guy did not speak any English and was frustrated with me and insisting I pay way more then quoted. Waited around 20minutes for the other guy to show up and pay the price. Then left for Munich.


Thoughts on Prague:

– Most locals felt very standoff’ish. Not sure why, but I think its a self centered view on the world. Ie they have there own currency still (not the EU) valued at 1eu=25 koruna. They proudly display a statue of the Czech Republic being pissed in (water fountain from penis) from 2 men statues representing the EU. I think they don’t like outsiders in their little bubble.

– Customer service lessons were never taken by most Pragueians

– Parking is a nightmare and ridiculously expensive

– We were very happy to leave Prague

– We went to Munich after Prague despite planning to go to Salzburg. This was because we couldn’t change the car with Hertz in CR only in Germany. Another reason to avoid Hertz, we could rant for hours about how rubbish Hertz in Berlin and Prague were.






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